Payment options

* Bank transfer deposit payment (Recommended)

Bank transfer is an available payment option for any UK and International buyer into our TSB business bank account. This is often instant but can sometimes take upto 2 hours (bank holidays)

All required details such as : bank account number , sort code, bic / iban plus your order reference number (to identify your payment) are displayed. All these details are also Emailed to you instantly upon your order. Simply reply back to this Email as PAID once done so. You will then be asked to pay the remainder (larger amount) by card / paypal or bank transfer with no card fee required when the engine is ready for dispatch. Once paid in full delivery will commence - ASAP.

* Bank card deposit payment (+2.5% fee)

Bank card / paypal payments incur a 2.5% fee on the deposit amount only... You will be directed to the payment page upon ordering when NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT required to progress...

Pay the remainder (larger amount) by card / paypal with no further card fee when the engine is ready for dispatch.

* PHOTO ID is required for high value goods sales that are paid Entirely by bank card to prevent illegal card fraud. Once a copy of your driving licence card OR passport is received and you've paid in full, delivery will commence - ASAP.

*** Pay any ' Deposit ' by Paypal or Card by - Clicking here


Pay the deposit (1 of 2 options) and await either a request for the larger amount (or photo id request). Once paid in Full delivery will commence to your given garage address. All Engines are supplier tested. Deposits are not refundable once the order processing / service is rendered yet the deposit can be used towards any other engine with the same engine code. By making any deposit payment you agree fully to our Terms of Business. The remainder payment maybe required directly to our UK Trusted supplier - if they themselves have tested the supplied engine. Warranty is given directly from our Trusted suppliers and they have agreed legally to honour any genuine warranty issue based on wear and tear of the supplied engines block or head caused by normal road usage - Their warranty does not cover issues caused by fautly parts or misfitting of the supplied engine by the buyers chosen garage. If an issue arises we have a FAST & FAIR buyer issue policy in place with our Trusted suppliers to find a fast and fair solution to any genuine issue within 2 working days. Use this link if you needed to report a supplier if still within the warranty term agreed.