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Get in Touch - 1000's of people in the UK each year now choose to source the best Tested Gearboxes from.

We offer a more protected route for our buyers and eliminate any major risks you may find using other supplier outside our circle

+ Fixing your car adds value to it and is a growing alternative to buying a newer, more valuable car

(Thus helping you avoid greater car value depreciation)


- Enter your REG - into the YELLOW registration boxes on our website. This gives users all possible matching Gearbox for their vehicle !

- Ask a LIVE Question - Use the Popup Box on each Gearbox listing page (Far right side) to ask a LIVE Question for an often Instant response

EXISTING BUYERS : Contact the supplier whose full details were emailed to you upon your reservation

- Email - (Sameday reply GUARANTEED, except in busier times)

- After 3 Working days of your reservation, you can request a delivery update for our Trusted supplier. Simply use the EMAIL you received soon after ordering stating; Gearbox deposit - supplier warranty. This includes the Trusted suppliers contact details... Buyer need to contact the Trusted supplier directly for anything related to the: Gearbox, Gearbox/ parts, Final payment, Delivery and their Warranty.

- Please do let us know via the [ Report Supplier ] link on our Homepage (Bottom right) IF after 2 Working days the supplier has not got back to you with a FAST & FAIR solution to any genuine issue. We will of course look into this for you ASAP.

* Sometimes we may have to respond to you AFTER speaking to our Trusted suppliers who are only available (9 - 5 PM) Mon - Friday.